Spot The Difference Game in Scratch

About Game:

In Spot The Difference Game, the player has to spot the difference between two identical images. When player spot the difference, the image disappear and the score increase by 1.

Player wins, if he spot all the differences within time limit, and loses if the time is up.

You can play the spot the difference game here

Let Sketch out the Spot The Difference Game:

  1. Choose the background
  2. Make Similar images apear both the side
  3. Make Difference images appear right side
  4. Add Score to the Game
  5. Add Timer to the Game
Spot The Difference Game On Scratch

Choose the background

Choose the backdrop to the game having same piture both the side make game more complex.

Draw the straight line to separate the sides, make sure center it with 0’0 X and Y coordinates.

Make Similar images appear both the side

How to make similar images appear both the side ? For this we use cloning. First we make appear images on the left side and then we offset the clone images to right side.

First choose the 20 to 30 sprites as costumes.

Code your program so that each time clone is created, different costume is choosen. First, make it appears randomly only on the left side of the screen. To make this happen create ‘randon X’ and ‘random Y’ variable. Choose the number between 20 and 210 for x coordinates and 160 to -160 for y coordinates to avoid edges.

To make appear same images right side of the screen, you have to offset the x position of clones by -240. This will make the same images appear other side.

Make Difference images appear right side

Lets introduce some difference images on the other side. Add 10 different sprite as costumes. Procedure is similar to the identical image, but difference image is appear only right side of the screen.

Create variable called ‘Total Difference’ to track the difference image found. When game starts, set the Total difference to between 5 to 10.

If the player spot the difference image will disappear and the score will increase.

Add Score to the Game

Based on the difference spot by the player, the score will increase. If player spot all the difference image i.e, when score equal to total difference, then broadcast the message player won.

Add Timer to the Game

Make the game more interesting and difficult by adding timer to the game. Set the default timer 30 sec, when the green flag clicked. If timer becomes zero, and you did not spot all the difference, the game will be over.

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