How to make Shooting Game on Scratch (Duck Hunt Game)

About Duck Hunt Game:

This is a remake of the classic video game Duck Hunt.

In Duck Hunt Game, you have to shoot as many flying ducks as possible within limited time. The ducks will enter from the left of the screen and you need to position the cross hairs to shoot the duck. The more birds you aim at in the given time, the higher will be your score. This game is quite challenging and can test a player’s speed and reaction time.

You can change the theme if you like, e.g. Alien shoot…

Games such as first-person shooters, rail shooters, or even Fruit Ninja have a similar design.

For this game we need two sprites: a bird and a red crosshair.

The two main things we need to code in our game:

  1. moving the target;
  2. shooting the target.

Add a timer variable to your program which makes the game last 30 seconds. Make the variable appear on the screen as it counts down from 30 to 0.

Duck hunt Game on Scratch
How to make Shooting Game on Scratch

Setting the Stage

Click the Backgrounds tab. Click Import and, from the outdoors folder, select wooden-house

Make the Ducks Fly

We need to create scripts to make the duck fly. We will begin by making the ducks wings flap. Begin by positioning the duck in the centre of the stage.

We should program the duck sprite so that it create clone of duck every 0.5 to 1.5 seconds.

We now need to make the duck move across the screen. We begin with the duck at the left of the screen and move it to the right. since we do not want all of them to appear from the same position. To do this we need to change the y position of the duck.

We also need to change the start position of the ducks so that they don’t enter the screen at the same place. We can make game more interesting by having the ducks enter at random positions.

Shoot the Ducks

We need to add scripts to the cross hairs so that we can fire the gun. We will allow the gun to move freely up and down and left and right. For this, we move the crosshairs using the mouse coordinates.

when we shoot the duck, it falls towards the ground until it hits the ground and disappears. We can do this when we receive the hit message.

We now need some method of keeping the score of the number of ducks shot. As we shoot a duck we must increase this score. We begin by setting the score to 0. We need to increase the score each time a duck is hit.

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