Memory game using Scratch| Step by step Scratch Tutorial

memory game on scratch

In this scratch tutorial, you will create a memory game in which you have to memorizeand repeat a random sequence of colors! Before the tutorial starts, check out the game here Lets sketch out memory game in scratch Create a colour sequence Repeat the sequence Multiple levels High score Create a colour sequence First … Read more

How to make Flappy Bird on Scratch | Coding For Kids

How to make flappy bird game on scratch

In this article, we are going to teach you how to program your owncustomized version of the popular Flappy Bird game in Scratch. About game: It is a game where the player must navigate the bird through a series of pipes. Lets sketch out Flappy Bird game in Scratch Make the bird Fly Make the … Read more

How to make Brick Breaker Game on Scratch ( Scratch 3.0 Tutorial 2020)

Brick Breaker on Scratch

Video Tutorial on How To Make Brick Breaker Game On Scratch About Brick Breaker Game Brick Breaker Scratch Game involves the player bouncing a ball off of the paddle, and hitting bricks. If the ball hits bricks, then they disappear. The game is won when all of the bricks disappear and the game is lost … Read more