How to make Brick Breaker Game on Scratch ( Scratch 3.0 Tutorial 2020)

Brick Breaker on Scratch

Video Tutorial on How To Make Brick Breaker Game On Scratch About Brick Breaker Game Brick Breaker Scratch Game involves the player bouncing a ball off of the paddle, and hitting bricks. If the ball hits bricks, then they disappear. The game is won when all of the bricks disappear and the game is lost … Read more

How to Make Maze Game in Scratch (Step by Step Scratch 3.0 Tutorial)

How to Create Maze Game on Scratch

About Maze Game: Maze Game in Scratch, you will create a game that lets the player guide a cat through a maze to reach its goal—a delicious apple! You’ll learn how to move the cat with the keyboard and how to block its progress with walls. Choose a sprite to move through a maze. It … Read more

Paint Program With Scratch 3.0 | Scratch 3.0 Tutorials

Create Paint Program on Scratch

About the project: Paint Program with Scratch 3.0 In this project, you will be create your own paint program with Scratch 3.0!The project creates a coloring palette for you to make your own drawing. You can change the colour of the pencil, clear the screen, erase the mistakes and much more! What you’ll Learn: To … Read more

Animate Your Name on Scratch (Step by Step Scratch 3.0 Tutorial)


About Project: Animate Your Name On Scratch Animate your name on Scratch, you can make your name come to life by making it dancing on stage. It will be more fun when we add music to your name. This project here describes how to animate each letter of the word “SCRATCH”. Arrange the sprites in … Read more

Dodge the Ball Game | Scratch Game Codes

Dodge The Ball Game on Scratch

About Dodge the Ball Game: The aim of the Dodge the Ball Game is to control the Giga and dodge the ball coming his way for as long as possible. Basically this is a game of survival and the challenge essentially is to stay in the game for as long as possible. Dodge the Ball Game Scratch … Read more